Friday, September 21, 2012

BTS & Tag

Last night was a parent meeting for TAG students. The meeting was very informative, and I'm hoping that this will just expand Princess' opportunities to push herself further, or delve deeper, into certain subject matter. They will also have opportunities for substitute projects, if they choose to pre-test, and pass with 85% or more, where & when available.

Her grade school teachers always saw her as exceptional, and helped keep her interest by giving her the next grade level work to do. As a 6th grader, she and a few others had "independent" study to work ahead in math, and now as a 7th grader, she's in Advanced Pre-Algebra (obviously getting her math skills from me).

It was also Back To School night, and that was a lot more interesting... We basically had 7 minutes in each classroom (long enough for the teacher to tell you a little about the class, what they expect, how things run, etc), then 4m in between to get to each one. There is music at the 3m mark (a warning; kind of like the lights flashing during intermission at a play), then a "ding" at the 4m mark (you'd better be in your seat!).

Princess was highly entertaining; she's a fast walker, and apparently is quite popular already (no doubt assisted by her role as a Youth Cheerleader). About half her classes are upstairs, and the other half are downstairs, so (including PE every day this term, and cheer three times a week) she gets a fair amount of exercise each day -- yay.

Her teachers all seem pretty cool -- math teacher has a cool arm tattoo, language arts teacher has such a love for Edgar Allan Poe that she leaves her regular lights off and has her whole room decorated like it's Halloween all year 'round, her cooking teacher teaches them about different cultures through cooking, her advisory teacher has a nice calm demeanor, etc -- that I could only find one thing I didn't like. Her advisory teacher used the word "Supposably" (which, if you didn't know, is not a word... the proper word is "Supposedly").

Ace & I really look forward to seeing how well she progresses this year.

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