Friday, September 14, 2012

Not My Job

So, back in mid-July, I sent (as I'm required by court-order to do) an email to Princess' bio, letting him know that I signed her up for cheerleading. I included the league's website, so he could look up her schedule, etc, for himself. Fast forward to September 1st. "Dana- this page does not have a schedule of when M******* will be cheering or where. I'm sure she has a schedule so please send me that information. It would be great to see her cheer again, thanks for letting me know she was at ***** HS. - M***"

First of all, we all know Wildebeest writes these emails. I'd be surprised if MG was aware of even HALF of what she sends to me using his name. Second, she's never cheered before, so what's with the "see her cheer again" bullsh*t? Third, I didn't let him know she was at the HS for the Jamboree because IT WAS ON THE EFFING WEBSITE; is this Wildebeest's way of letting me know he was there (creepy stalker -- since if he was there, he never came over to say anything to her)? As usual, since I didn't NEED to respond, I ignored the email.

On Sept 9th, I sent a modified first day of school pic. I got this in return: "Thank you, she looks beautiful and so grown up. I am still waiting for her cheer info from you-M***" Which, again, I ignored.

Today, I sent a copy of one of the bills for her sports physical (the office visit; gotta ask Ace where the after-insurance one is). "His" response? "Dana, I have asked you once before for info on when M******* is cheering, I have no idea from the schedule on [city deleted] youth cheer without knowing what age group/ color she is cheering for. I am entitled to this info, so please provide it. Thanks - M***" For the third time, I am ignoring this.

The information "he" wants is on the website. I don't know why "he" can't figure it out; everyone else did. It's not rocket science... It's not my job to (figuratively) hold "his" hand and walk "him" through it. Besides, Princess doesn't want them around, anyway; not at games, not at practices, not at school events, not anywhere near her...

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