Thursday, March 24, 2016

Woooowwww... Thanks for the laugh!

Got a little bit of funny update on the Wildebeest recently...

First -- I *thought*, based on a post she made on her FB page a couple weeks ago, that she was maybe starting to realize her part in all that's now happening to her, and was starting to maybe feel a tiny built guilty about what she did not only to me, but also to my daughter. This is what she posted -- " "The word contrition comes from the Latin contritus (the same root for the word contrite), and literally means “crushed to pieces.” The contrite person has had their once haughty and prideful ego completely crushed under the tremendous weight of guilt and shame. Such a person has “hit bottom” (as 12-step program adherents are wont to say) not only because they can no longer bear the thought of how badly their actions hurt others but also because of their deep realization of how their usual way of doing things has resulted in abject personal failure. That’s why the contrite person is first and foremost a broken person. And, by definition, only by acknowledging personal defeat can a person become potentially open to reconstructing their life on very different terms. It’s been said many times, but it’s profoundly psychologically true. One cannot begin a new life without laying to rest one’s old self." " But then -- I hear she's still pining for MG... ugh. Come on, Wildebeest; let him go. Let IT go. Let go of your belief that you & MG are still supposed to be together. He's done with you; he's been done for quite some time. You'd consider a polygamist relationship with him??! Really? Desperation, much? Oh, and do you honestly believe that "it wasn't cheating when" you slept with him within our marriage, because *I* was (supposedly) cheating on him?!?! HAHAHAA!!! Believe whatever you want, of course, but it's not true. Not that it's any of your business, but in the five years we were together prior to our wedding, I slept with NO ONE ELSE; in the years during our marriage, I slept with NO ONE ELSE until we were officially split, I'd filed for divorce, and he was already with you. I am so glad my wonderful daughter & I are away from you and your crazy... She deserves, and has, so much better than a ridiculous, petty, vindictive, and obviously still jealous woman.

**EDIT** I realize that I should have worded that a little bit different. Since MG and I had a roughly one year break in 1996, there were other boyfriends during that time.

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