Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Family Update #2 -- The Kids

Gamer Boy -- Maybe I should start calling him "Gamer Man"!?!? I mean, he *is* 23 1/2y now... Anyway, we got a little life update Sunday, when we all converged upon my in-laws' house in Salem. He, too, is on Spring Break; new term starts next Monday. He'll be taking three classes, but has condensed them to two days and a Friday morning. That leaves the rest of his days to work. He found a second job doing janitorial services (have I mentioned his super-clean tendancies?), which goes perfectly with his housekeeping job, and of course, puts more money back into his savings (you know... the one he's using to pay for school since his financial aid doesn't go through 'til Fall term?). Plus, he's probably going to take Summer term off (he hasn't decided for sure, yet); if that happens, he can get even more hours/money saved. He also stated that his roommate may be accepting a job up here, so if he moves out, GB will either keep the apartment and see about finding another roommate or look into taking a one-bedroom in the same complex. He's literally right across from the big mall down there, and the bus to campus stops in front in 15m intervals... so he's not using his truck much. On a not-so-good note, he's been having a lot of trouble sleeping and staying awake in class... doc thinks it may be a thyroid issue, but it may not be so he's scheduling some testing and has a sleep study he'll be participating in. Hopefully, they can figure it out; we're a little concerned.

Squeeks -- Not much to update yet... Ace was supposed to have coffee/visit with her yesterday but had to cancel. Will update when we have something to share. ;)

Princess -- Oh my, has she been busy. We've been (very slowly, because she's still anxious) working on her driving. We haven't gone very far, but are up to 14hrs now. We got her a safety magnet that says something about "I'm still learning; have patience" on it; that seems to help. It sits on the rear driver's side of the car, and I know people see it and back off a bit. If I take her with me when I go to Washington in May, she can probably drive a chunk of the way there & back, too. I've tried getting her into driver's ed, but the first time, she wasn't emotionally ready, and the second & third time, the class was full within a day (she's currently on the waiting list for the one that starts in a couple weeks, but it's not looking good to get in). If she doesn't get in to this one, Summer schedule has more to choose from. If KP gets a few more hours in, they can take the class together, which will make the "outside of class time" hours they're supposed to do a bit easier to arrange, since they do so much together. She's also been working with KP as stage managers for their school plays. The girls did SM'ing for the Winter play (Urinetown), and were in the middle of working on one of the two Spring plays (they were originally doing Complete Works of Shakespeare; Abridged & Updated) when NE (director) asked them to assist Amy in also doing Tempest. Apparently, Amy's co-stage manager had to drop out. So, Princess & KP are at school 'til 7p every Monday through Friday. If there is homework to be done, she brings her laptop and leaves it in NE's office during school. NE promised me no weekend rehearsals (and I'd already warned him about the possibility of driver's ed), but he didn't promise no tech days (like Monday; they were painting set pieces from noon to 530p)... although those are not a requirement, so missing Tuesday and part of Thursday for beauty appointments is no big deal. Starting to figure out Summer plans - there's a trip to Ashland scheduled the week after school lets out (with her drama teacher/director, and some other students, plus a couple chaperones) to see some plays and explore the city, another trip to Utah (this is still tentative) with KP & Mimi packing emergency kits for third world countries, a concert in Ridgefield in August with her "fam" (her close girlfriend group), GrandCamp, possibly another (out of the country? maybe...) trip with Mimi, and we're starting to think of a family trip at some point this summer.

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