Thursday, March 31, 2016


I've gotten new subscribers lately, so I thought I'd take a minute and "introduce" myself and my feelings on certain topics, so you, my readers, will know what you've gotten yourself into here. Lol... Let's start with what I have in the INTRO section on my FaceBook page.

1. Atheist - This one *should* be simple, but people get this confused so here's some clarification. I believe there IS NO "GOD"; plain & simple, you'd think, right? Apparently not. A lot of people get atheism confused with Paganism (basically, one with nature), Satanism (not necessarily belief in the Christian idea of Satan; more like the belief in self), &/or Agnosticism (neither believes nor disbelieves in a god). Others fully believe the religion of "The Flying Spaghetti Monster" is a real thing. I suppose technically it is, but it's more just around to poke fun and make a point about the ridiculous nature of religion, in general. As an atheist, I do share some of the beliefs of these other (similar) outlooks, but do not consider myself one of any of them. The *only* thing that can be said about atheists, as a whole group, is that we do not believe in any god. Everything else is individualized.

2. Humanist - Basically, everyone has value... EVERYONE. Your worth in this world has nothing to do with your race, your size, your gender, your job, or anything else. Equality among everyone is a goal, and I actively work to make sure I do my part to push that. I cannot understand anyone who ISN'T claiming, and actively working toward, real humanism.

3. Feminist - Simply put, dictionary definition: "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes". That's it. Again, should be a simple concept, but a lot of people seem to think it's synonomous with "man hater" or think we want to be better than men. Nope. Equality of the sexes/genders (yes, there's a difference), people; that's it! Eliminating the assumed patriarchy in the workplace, home, and everywhere else is a side effect... and so worth it! That said, I have also seen some women (mostly young, mostly undereducated) say stuff to the effect of "we don't need feminism, we can already XXXX". Um, that's because of feminism, and yes, we still need it. Also overheard, "I don't need feminism; I want to be a stay at home mom" (or some other thing with a wrongly perceived lower value). That's cool; no one said you couldn't be both. Feminism says you *can* be a stay at home mom if you want, and a man can stay at home too... and be equally valued! Feminism says you can be an engineer, a teacher, a hairdresser, or anything else... and it shouldn't matter what gender you are!! What matters is that, no matter what your gender, you are paid the same and treated the same.

4. LGBTQ+ Ally - This one takes a bit more to explain to people, sometimes. First, let me educate you, in case you aren't aware: Gender is a spectrum; it's not just boys and girls. Not everyone understands, or agrees with, this statement, but it's a fact. Second, being supportive of someone doesn't mean I *am* one. When I mentioned to a friend that my daughter is (for the second year) in her high school's GSA (Gay Straight Alliance -- all spectrum awareness & support, btw), she asked me if my daugher was gay... Um, no; not that it would matter if she was, but why the assumption? I'm a animal lover, too; that doesn't make me a dog. So, I support equal treatment IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. This includes, but is not limited to, using whatever bathroom you want to, and getting married to whomever you want to (as long as there is legal consent on both sides).

5. Pro-Gun - Contrary to those who think I'm "gun crazy" or "a gun nut", I do believe there should be *some* regulation. However, I can argue all day about the laws currently in place & are being introduced; most of them redundant and which do absolutely nothing to protect anyone. "Gun-free zones"?!? More accurate -- "Criminal-friendly zones!" Ugh. If I *can* legally carry, I *WILL* legally carry. I am licenced in as many states as I can currently be so (somewhere around 40, I think, without looking it up), I avoid places I can't legally carry, if I can (like restaurants, stores, etc... that have signs up), and we regularly practice (yup, even the teenaged daughter; she prefers the shotguns, btw). If you don't want to carry, that's fine... but don't you dare tell me that *I CAN'T*!

6. Pro-Choice - Lots of terms going around the 'net about this... and lot of misinformation. Let's clear it up, shall we? Pro-choice is simply the belief that everyone gets to make the reproductive choice for themselves which works best for their own lives. The terms pro-birth, pro-life (HA! no, you're not), pro-abortion, and more get thrown around, but in all honesty, just like religion, YOU get to make the decision for YOU, I get to make the decision for ME, my DAUGHTERS get to make the decision for THEMSELVES, etc. I don't care if you agree with abortions, or think all women who have them are evil/sluts/should be punished/get what's coming to them... IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! Side note - 2nd & 3rd trimester abortions are rare, but more necessary than ever; they are due to medical anomalies, not because the pregnant woman "forgot" to go have an abortion... stop that stupid rhetoric; it's not true. Oh, and adoption is only an alternative to GIVING BIRTH, not an alternative for being pregnant. So, please stop using those guilt tactics; they're not working.

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