Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Warning... Potty Talk Inside!

Seeing as this is work-related, I contemplated posting it on my work blog, but decided that was not really the right audience for this. So, you get my work rantings; lucky you!

Let's backtrack a little. Every since I can remember in my career, I've been the tallest one there. The owner has, on occasion, asked me to change lightbulbs in different areas of the salon. A few years ago, I took it upon myself to take care of the ones upstairs, as well (the bathroom has one and there are four in the hallway, so no big deal). At some point, I was finding myself not only being the *ONLY* one changing the bulbs upstairs (I get it; you have to stand on a stool or chair to do it, and the other people who worked upstairs with me were older; fine), but also being the *only* one changing the toilet paper (it's a stand-alone one; maybe the roll holder is too snug for most people?) and the *only* one refilling the paper towels (I'm thinking that either no one else knows where the key for the holder is -- above the window sill in the bathroom -- or they can't reach it; again, fine).

Over the last couple years, I've not only found myself being the only one taking care of these things, but also these things being just left for days on end (when I'm not there). I am constantly, after my weekend (from Saturday around 1p 'til sometime on the following Tuesday), walking in to bulbs out (if there aren't some on the shelf behind the door, there are always more in the downstairs bathroom, people!), paper towel packages ripped open (sometimes half gone) on the counter, and toilet paper rolls completely out (there *are* more DOWNSTAIRS!!), or sitting either on the counter, on the back of the toilet, or (my favorite) literally on top of the empty roll still on the stand.

Oh, these things are annoying, but it gets worse. Lately, at least one of the hairdressers (and I'm pretty sure I know which one, I just haven't been able to prove it) is using the upstairs toilet to poop. Don't get me wrong; I understand that we all have to poop at work sometimes... the pooping is not the issue. The issues are: (1) There is no vent/fan in there & the window is painted shut, and she is a fan of shutting the door when she's done AND (2) I keep Fabreze in there for this purpose but she doesn't use it. Another problem is that the other woman who works upstairs (whom I believe is, along with her clients, the one to blame for the lights/tp/pt problems), also either leaves lights on when she's the last to leave (or when she's done in the bathroom; sometimes she even closes the door, so it looks like there's someone in the bathroom when there's not!), or turns all the lights off WHEN I'M STILL THERE!!

Now, for the worst offense -- Two or three Saturdays ago, I came into work (I'm usually the first one there on Saturdays) to find the upstairs bathroom light on, the door partially shut, & the toilet lid down. I took a heavy breath/sigh, pushed open the door, shut the light off, and went about setting up for my first client of that day. Fifteen minutes later, I had to pee, so I lifted the lid... Wanna know what I found? If you gross out easily, now is the time to stop reading... Ok, you asked for it: a huge pile of poop and two big wads of toilet paper... and of course, the smell starts wafting out at that point. So, I made sure I had the plunger ('cuz "something's wrong with the toilet" is the first thing that pops in most people's heads, right?), I flushed, and I sprayed some Fabreze. Everything went down fine, I cleaned the Fabreze off the toilet, used it, waitedwaitedwaited for it to fill (it's an old home), flushed again, washed my hands, and realized my blood pressure was really high.

My biggest complaint with this stuff? IF YOU CAN'T TAKE CARE OF IT, WHY DON'T YOU ASK ME OR P.H. TO TAKE CARE OF IT?!?! WHY JUST LEAVE IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE!??! It amazes me how certain people treat other people's things & places... Do you act like that in your own home? Your parents' place? Your best friend's? I spoke to the owner, and she promised to distribute a memo regarding everyone's responsibilities at the salon (there are similar/related things happening downstairs, as well) when we have all signed our new contracts. Yesterday, I signed mine, and when I gave it back to her, she said that I was the first to do so. So, I (im)patiently wait for the promised memo. In the meantime, I also discussed my disgust with another of the hairdressers (one who is a pretty good friend, and who is highly likely to share my complaints with the offender). Fingers crossed!

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