Monday, April 13, 2015

Honor Roll... Again.

Grades have rolled around again... end of 3rd quarter, specifically. Once again, our Princess has gotten Honor Roll. This time, 6 A's and 2 B's. It would have been 7/1, but apparently, one of the four assignments in that class (the only one she got 4/5 instead of 5/5) was worth 60% of her grade. So, it's a high B, but still a B. The other B is in a class where the teacher only rarely gives them out & it's an honors class, so a B is totally acceptable. Still super proud of her.

We made her a deal, too... even though we don't pay for grades, we did promise her "something very cool" if she gets straight A's at the end of any major grading period (so, midterms don't count). I recently gave her the choice -- a massage (she's had two professional ones, but because of her age & comfort level at the time, she missed out on the glute part), a mommy/daughter gel polish pedi (with me in the biz, I don't trust very many people to do nail services, so I always do hers. I've had a few; some in school 11 years ago, one from my friend & co-nail tech Tanya, and one from my friend & co-nail tech Rebecca -- Rebecca's salon is set up to do up to three pedis at a time, and since her boss showed me around, I know they're following state regs), or a full facial & brow wax (she's only had one mini facial, but regularly gets her brows done).

I know I've said this before, but we believe good grades should be gotten because (A) It is your child's "job" to do their school work, and do it to the best of their abilities. If they aren't doing well, it is up to you & your child to fix whatever is wrong, AND (B) Good grades are their own reward. If you have done your job as a parent, your child will feel so proud of him/herself when they get good grades. That will push them to continue to do so, and to maybe even do better than themselves at each grade period. Princess pushes herself; she gets satisfaction from seeing all the A's on her report card. She knows that the better she does at her "job", the more freedom we give her.

And, that is a huge reward; the freedom. She gets to have a later bedtime, go to the mall(s), go to the movies, hang out with her friends at miscellaneous places, etc... and we give her money for it. As she gets older, she'll be able to take the car & have even more freedom... and we'll pay the insurance. She currently gets an allowance (plus earns babysitting money at random), but the ability to go and do things with her friends instead of being cooped up at the house because she has to study or is grounded is a HUGE "carrot" for her... one that just handing over money would not accomplish.

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