Thursday, April 9, 2015

Actions Speak Louder...

For someone who's claimed she loves my Princess "as if she were one of my own", the Wildebeest's actions sure do prove otherwise. After Princess saw what she did a couple weeks ago, she asked me if she could write a blog post directed at JG. I told her sure, but "watch your language". If you haven't read it, you can do so here. She was articulate and to the point... which seemed to be lost on the Wildebeest. Her main point was asking JG, as "nicely" as she could muster I suppose, to take down the stolen picture of her in the hospital and to stop lying about the past. However, just like MG's actions have proven, time & again, that he is more important to himself than Princess ever was, so do the Wildebeest's actions. Actually, if you take a look at her profile, a lot of it is misrepresentation &/or plain lies. She has no relationship (nor any other info except her current job) listed even though she pretends they're still one "happy" family (as represented by her cover pic), and has herself listed as "married" three years BEFORE "getting engaged". I wonder how many of her friends (and I use the term lightly, since real friends know your whole truth) know her actual history; you know, the fact that she was MG's mistress, and that she almost single-handedly destroyed MG's chances of having any relationship with Princess, among other things. Jealousy is not a pretty thing, and it will never get you what you want.

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