Friday, March 27, 2015

Guest Post by MK

Dear Jenna,
You are a sad & pathetic woman, and your latest stunt only proves it more. I wasn't going to say anything, but stealing my mom's pic?!?! That pisses me off. Everything my mom posts about me on the internet is okay'd by me first. It's called common courtesy, look it up. You not only did not have my permission to post that pic, but you lied in your post! You weren't there and neither was Mike, so you don't know the whole story. For whatever reason, you lie to put down my mom, but you know what you said isn't true. My mom didn't let me walk across a parking lot by myself; she held my hand while we both walked across a painted crossing! You may have come to the hospital, but my mom kicked you out of my room! Mike (that's what I call him, now; he doesn't deserve the title of dad) was only there for a few hours, too. You obviously have no idea how much money we got in that settlement, but it should have been so much more. You're just mad because you & Mike didn't get any of it! And, calling her my "bio mom"?!?! What's wrong with you? SHE IS MY MOM, my ONLY mom! You are no longer my stepmonster (you don't even deserve the title of stepmom), so stop calling yourself that. You aren't my "Na" or anything else to me. Didn't you get it when I blocked you on Facebook? I could have unblocked you & sent you a PM, I could have emailed you, I could have texted your phone, but I don't want you having any way to contact me, so I borrowed my mom's blog. We all know you read it. You're still jealous of her after all these years because she's prettier, nicer, smarter, and a better mom than you'll ever be. I just want you to take that post down, go away, leave us alone, stop harassing us, and stop posting stuff about us. Get a life & stop using my name & old pics of me to piss off my mom.


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