Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Could We Be Any More Proud?

A month ago, Princess came home with an application; three pages. I asked her what that was and she replied, "I've been nominated for May Fete Court". Um, yay?, but what is that?!?! She said she wasn't sure exactly except she knew it was related to "acedemic achievement" and "community service". She also knew that each grade group had about 20 or so students that were nominated (by their teachers), it would be narrowed down to just a few winners from each group, and there would be a celebration & assembly for those who won.

So, I helped her fill out her application, which consisted of asking what groups, activities, clubs, volunteer work, etc she'd done *while at the high school* and a little essay she had to write. She actually hasn't had much (there *was* at least one thing she could list per question) this year, but I told her to go ahead & add things she'd done in previous years, too. It may or may not have helped, but it certainly couldn't have hurt her chances. She turned it in the following Wednesday, then I sent a message asking for clarification to the Activities Coordinator, and she replied, "...May Fete Court is a tradition at ***** going back 99 years. It recognizes students for their dedication to academic achievement and service to school and community. It is a great honor to be on May Fete Court..."

Last Monday, she came home wearing a crown & holding a yellow balloon. I didn't even blink at the crown (this wouldn't have been the first - or even 5th - time she'd worn a crown at school) but I asked about the balloon. She said, "I made May Fete Court; they announced this morning." She told me that her classmate (since Kindergarten), Greyson, and newest friend, Harmony, also got in. Super-happy excited, she started sharing the details of what responsibilities she had as part of the court, what specifications were for attire, and when the ceremonies were. She needed a black dress and "something yellow" as an accessory. I asked my mother and a few momfriends if they could be there; everyone said yes!

Tuesday, I redid her nails, and Wednesday, after she got home from GSA, we went shopping. She found & tried on 4 dresses at Ross; the last one was perfect (and only $7.99 - that's my girl!). We then went to Target to find a skinny yellow belt. No such luck, but we did find a gold & yellow necklace, yellow & gold bangles, earrings, and a few hair accessories... She ruled out the hair ones, because (remember the crown she was wearing?) she has to wear the crown; she was going to wear on a cool bun, but actually ended up just leaving her hair down. She ruled out the earrings because she didn't want to wear any. She decided on the necklace ($16.99) because it had both gold & yellow; her nails are black with gold & orange glitter, so it coordinated nicely.

We looked at shoes, but nothing struck her fancy, so we went to Payless. Now, normally, we don't shop there (lower quality than what you get at Nordstrom Rack & Famous Footwear), but I figured she would only wear the shoes once or twice, anyway. She tried on four or five pairs (one actually was named her ex-stepmonster's name, so she said something like "I could wear those... it would be like stepping on her every time I walked." HAHA!), but settled on some cute black wedges ($19.99).

In true Princess fashion, she was a bit bummed that a couple of her friends, whom she feels were "more deserving" (better grades, more volunteer work, one is even already in Leadership), didn't make it. I asked her if those friends were mad at her for making it in? She said, "No, they're just upset they didn't... They're happy for me, just bummed for themselves." Oh, ok. I did remind her that they, as well as she, all have the potential to be nominated & possibly on the Court, all other years they're at the h.s.

This past Sunday, the Leadership kids (of which, Princess' bff, KP, is part of) and all grades of May Fete court gathered at the high school for campus beautification. They were fed pizza for lunch, then Leadership decorated the gym while Court practiced. Yesterday, they were presented at an assembly for the the whole school, and last night, there was a ceremony & reception for all Court members, family, & friends.

My mother came out early to take Princess out to dinner to celebrate. She & only one of my momfriends ended up being able to make it, but a few of Princess' friends came too. Everyone took pics and a couple got video too. I keep thinking about how great these things will look on scholarship/college applications... Oh, and she was offered a spot on the Link Crew for next year, too... Application was filled out & turned in, and we are now waiting on that announcement.

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