Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

A month ago, my original plan for Mother's Day was the same as it's been for the last 4 or so years; jammies all day with my daughter responding to my every need and husband & daughter making dinner together. Then, I talked to my brother. He, his daughters, & his wife were to be in town that weekend (he is an ordained minister and was officiating his old college roommate's wedding), and wondered if I'd mind getting dressed and joining them and our mother for brunch. After grumbling a bit, I agreed, and mom made the reservations.

Ace is not required to do anything for me except cook dinner; we decided long ago that it was ridiculous since I'm not his mom (same for Father's Day - he's not my dad), but my lovely husband got up early (on his days off, he's normally up around 8a; that morning, he got up at 7a) so as to let me "sleep in", and fed & let out the dogs. I was up by 730a (in this day & age, that *is* sleeping in for me; I'm usually up by 7a). I decided not to wake Princess up yet; I made my own mocha (usually she makes it for me on M.D.), caught up on messages, posted the first of many photos (my mother with all five kids, me & my mama, pics from brunch, pics of Elvis - we've had him exactly a year), then woke her at 830a.

We got dressed and out the door, parked at my salon, and walked a few blocks to West Cafe. T & fam had just pulled up (gotten up front parking) so the girls came running down the sidewalk to greet Princess & I. We got seated, had a good breakfast, took some pics, caught up on life, and left. Firefly will be here over Memorial Day weekend, and I will have her all day on Saturday, so we talked about maybe going bowling. Princess & I then stopped at Victoria's Secret on the way and were home by 1130a.

Princess had been agonizing over "what to get" me and when I told her I didn't want a physical gift, she seemed relieved. She asked what I'd like instead. I said, "...mostly the same thing you've been doing for years; a day of peace, the remote, food & drink when I need it... and one more thing." She asked, "What's that?" I said, "I'd like for you to do all the laundry." I usually just don't do it on M.D., but then it's still there, waiting for me, on Monday. She said, "That's it? Easy peasy!"

When we got home from brunch, she gathered, separated, & started a load of laundry and I did a bit more "computering", then settled in on the couch with my tablet & the remote. She brought me a snack at 230p, and around 330p, she & Ace went to the grocery store to get what we needed for my requested dinner and they ended up doing all the grocery shopping for the week (so we don't have to do that today; yay). They looked up recipes and got started on dinner around 530p; at 645p we ate. They had made wood-planked salmon on the Traeger (brushed with Italian dressing & Saskatchewan seasoning), a basic risotto, and buttered corn. For dessert, they had picked up red velvet cupcakes.

I didn't even have to clear my place, let alone load the dishwasher or clean the counters (my usual after-dinner chore when both Ace & Princess cook); I just went back to the couch. Princess helped Ace clean up after dinner, finished up the laundry, and served me a cupcake with a cup of milk as we settled in to snuggle & watch the season finale of OUAT. Aside from having to get dressed & drive into Portland, it was probably the most relaxing Mother's Day I've ever had.

**edit -- just got a message, left yesterday, from my son on Ace's phone, wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. Love him!**

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