Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally... It Starts

Ever since we remodeled the kitchen, I've been anxiously awaiting remodeling the bathroom. Well, we've finally started the process! Last month, Ace sold off some Intel stock; that money went into our "high-yield savings account" (our choice for, as Suze Orman says, our 8-month emergency fund), since it earns a good percentage of interest (although, it's a lot more than 8-months worth), to be used to pay off the rewards credit card we'll be using to fund the project (Ace is saving his points for a new, fancy, camera!).

Our next step was to replace our crappy, probably original to the house, toilet with an $80 model we saw at Costco. After reading the reviews, we realized that we'd eventually have to replace it again, because this is considered a "throw away" toilet; there are no replacement parts available. For now, though, it works great. It's a dual-flush, mid-height model with an elongated seat.

After using this toilet for the last month, though, we've decided we like the dual-flush & the mid-height... but not the elongated seat; we want round! The problem was finding all three features we wanted, plus it has to be a white toilet. Ace tracked down a few models on the American Standard site that fits all of our requirements. Then he asked, "sealed tank or no?" I'm like, "Huh?" He said, "So it doesn't sweat." "Um, how much extra?" That's roughly another $100, so we'll go with no. His chosen model numbers & prices were written down...

Yesterday, we started researching tubs. We currently have a 60" X 30" X 18", three-sided, standard 1981's model tub. We most likely can fit a 60" X 32" X 20" (or a little taller), three-sided 2012's model tub. IF we can do this, there are quite a few models available, with or without jets. I'm leaning toward without jets for two reasons -- (1) some of the reviews I've read on other sites (Jacuzzi, specifically; not necessarily the models we're looking at) has mentioned cracking, broken, &/or leaking jets. (2) A jetted tub would have absolutely zero ROI in this area. It would simply be a nicer thing to have. If any of you have a jetted tub, I'd like some feedback from you -- pros & cons, please.

Ace also has a cool idea for the glass opening (not a door; more like a wall with an opening to get in & out of the shower... does that make sense?), so we have to find someone willing & able to do that. The shower walls will be tiled, as will the floor (different size, but similar in color -- black/grey slate). The toilet, tub, as well as the sink (I want vessel...) will all be white -- classic.

He has agreed, as well, that the cabinets/vanity will be the same wood/finish/counters as those in the kitchen (I think this is important for "flow", since we only have one bathroom), and the walls will be the same shade as, or one shade lighter than, the walls in the rest of the common areas of our home (light grey). I've already bought towels & rugs in two shades of grey, as well as black. I will be getting burgundy ones later (coordinating with the accents in the rest of the house, of course).

Now, lighting is one of those hard areas... The bathroom obviously needs more lighting. We're definitely getting a different mirror -- the current one is a bit on the "girly" side for us. I'd like to do a slightly different fixture directly above the vanity (or maybe just change out the glass covers), a main area overhead, and a light/fan/"sun tube" over the bath. We're still researching these. Thoughts?

Oh, and as much as I do not want to work with the contractor who "ran" (and I use the term lightly -- he's an ass who obviously thinks less of women, especially when that woman actually knows what she's doing & calls him on mistakes!) our kitchen job, we just may have to... at least to get the cabinetry made. I'm pretty sure they're the only ones who can use the company we chose for cabinetry (through Home Depot).

Regardless, we'll need a good contractor... I already have a couple names from friends. We'll need to finalize who we're using soon so that we can start planning on timing (& time off from our jobs, if necessary). Hoping to get this done this summer.

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