Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Is Stupid

There is quite a bit of information out in the "interwebs", if you care to look for it, regarding St. Valentine (there were multiple saints with this name, btw). The ONLY thing that even remotely attaches St. Valentine's history to today's version of Valentine's Day is the fact that one of them performed secret marriages (apparently, Claudius the emperor believed single men made better warriors) -- in some people's eyes, this is "so romantic" -- and when he was set to be executed, he sent his love a letter signed, "Your Valentine".

Regardless of your religious or personal beliefs, Valentine's Day today has completely disintegrated into a consumerist frenzy. Chocolates, jewelry, flowers, dinner... What happened to showing your love every other day of the year?

In our home, love & respect is shown every day; chores done without being asked, grabbing something to eat or drink & getting one for someone else while you're up, making a dinner you know your partner loves, getting that to-do list taken care of, taking a ride on the motorcycle, a kiss before bed or before leaving for the day, ending phone calls with "I love you."...

Those things & so much more make up our daily lives; feeling like you *have* to do something over the top/extra nice for your significant other on that one day every year is akin to detailing your car once a year... If that's all you're doing, it WILL break down on you.

I don't need any of those things listed above... or any other over-the-top expression of Ace's love. Flowers die, candy gets eaten, jewelry is a complete waste of money, and dinner can be made at home. I'd rather spend my life playing with my husband, shopping together, finishing fixing up our home together (bathroom's coming up soon), taking rides on the bike, finishing raising the two remaining children, hanging with our dogs, and so much more.

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