Monday, February 20, 2012


A few months ago, Princess went over 2000 text (outgoing, only, mind you)... She was warned that, although we have an unlimited texting plan shared among our phones, that is unacceptable. She needed to tone it down, or she would have her phone taken away from her. For comparison, mine comes in at 700-850 every month; that's personal and professional (yes, my clients text me; I love it), and Ace (who rarely uses his cell, especially while at work) comes in around 200.

Last month's bill came on February 12th... and Princess was over 3000 texts. That's more than 100 outgoing messages EVERY DAY! I told her she had an hour (to give them time to respond with their home numbers, if she didn't have it) to send all her contacts -- including Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi, Aunt S, & Uncle G -- a text, letting them all know she was grounded until the end of the month. My dad (Grandpa) replied, "Grounded? That's not good..."

I then posted a message on my FB page, "She's grounded from her cell phone until March 1st because she went over the agreed upon number of texts. Regardless of the fact that we have unlimited texting, and I fully understand that "this is how pre-teens & teenagers communicate", she agreed to this rule when we gave her the phone. If you want to reach her, call our house. If you need that number, PM me. *With the exception of to & from school, and during babysitting jobs. If you are a babysitting parent, please call the house or text me."

Since then, she has used her phone during ONE babysitting job (and only for communicating with me & the mother of her wards), and to & from school (me, only); no music, no chatting, no texting her friends (no games, either, but that wasn't something she did on her phone before this).

When she gets home from school, she turns off her phone & places it on my dresser. She moves it to her desk to charge it every couple of days. She hasn't even complained about not having it! So, now I am considering "letting her off early for good behavior". I think she's earned it.


  1. Yeah... we tried the cell thing for J. He did not get any free texts. He no longer has a cell phone. LOL He couldn't resist either.

  2. Haven't talked to Ace, yet... so no decision about "time off..." has been made. However, she knows the next time this happens, the phone is gone for a MONTH.