Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Seven Year "Itch"

Last Friday (April Fool's Day), Ace & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. To be completely honest, we didn't actually "celebrate" it until Saturday... but whatever. And, technically, neither of us have ever had any sort of "itch", let alone the extra-marital kind associated with my blog title! But, let me backtrack... About three weeks ago, Princess, Ace, & I were sitting down to dinner when Princess pops off with, "So, today is a very important day." Of course, I had to ask, "Why's that?" She answered, "Today is Sunday, March 13th." Ace then asked her, "Why is that a special day?" She then started counting on her fingers. After a couple of seconds, she said, "19 days." At this point, I know exactly what's she's getting at, but asked, "What's in 19 days?" She goes, "April 1st...?????" Making sure to have a straight face, I then asked, "April Fool's Day?" She got irritated at me, and almost yelled, "YOUR ANNIVERSARY?!?!" Hehehee... "I know, honey. I was just fooling. Why did you bring that up, though?" She said, "I want to make you guys dinner for your anniversary." We, of course, were all over that! However, since we both worked that day (Ace works 'til almost Princess' bedtime), we asked if she was okay with doing it on Sunday. "Sure! Now, what would you like me to make?" she replied. Hmmmm, tough question. We poured over multiple cookbooks, trying to find something not too difficult, but also yummy. I even had my mom bring Princess' Rachael Ray kids cookbook to me. We finally settled on Wheaties burgers! Think: meatloaf-type recipe, substitute Wheaties for bread crumbs, make 'em into patties, broil, & done! I thought that sounded good, but far under Princess' kitchen prowess... I mean, come on; she made shrimp risotto for me last year! But, ok; I'm game. However, on Sunday, the meat was not thawed. Monday, Princess had soccer practice, and last night (Tuesday), I had a nighttime client, so that wasn't going to work either... However, today, after school, after I took Princess to see "Hop" (very cute, btw), she finished her homework, then made our burgers. Ace, of course, made sure she safely used the broiler, but otherwise, she made the whole dinner - start to finish - all by herself. I was pleasantly surprised, as this was a childhood staple of Ace's, at how good they were. Of course, I was also very happy at how enthusiastically Princess approached the whole thing.


  1. Next year she needs to come to my house and make me dinner for my birthday!

  2. Sure... You'll take care of the round-trip ticket, right? lol