Sunday, April 10, 2011


Soccer season officially started at the end of March, but this past Saturday was Princess' first game. This is, of course, her sixth season playing soccer, but her first time doing it in the spring (unless you count the little indoor spring classes offered by the rec clubs... then, I guess this would be her seventh season/second spring session ever). My mother is out of town, so was unable to make this game; however, my SIL and her husband came up from mid-state to watch. I also got a text around the end of the first half from Ace, asking where exactly the field was. Since he works Saturdays, I told him, then asked, "Y?" His return text? "OMW! :)" He showed up on his motorcycle, having taken a break from work. Princess was HAPPILY surprised. I'm pretty sure this is her last soccer season, though, as she's told me multiple times since last October that she's done. Her dance instructor (Miss R) has accepted our "challenge" to open a reg for another hip hop class; starting this fall. Miss R now runs a second business, so her dance school only runs a couple days per week... hence the reason I gave her plenty of notice of Princess' wishes. Hmmmm, I may have to change the name of this blog... :)

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