Monday, April 25, 2011

"Holiday" weekend

You can look at it however you want, but since we're not a religious family, we do not celebrate the Christian idea of "Easter". When the kids were younger, we did the baskets & colored eggs (which is more a celebration of Spring -- you can easily Google the pagan beliefs to see where I'm coming from), but the older two are "too old" for that, and the Princess isn't a big candy, or hard-boiled egg, person. These festivities will be saved for when we have grandchildren (hopefully, MANY years in the future), but in the meantime, we treat it as a normal Sunday. This time, we only had one of our three kids -- Princess spent Saturday overnight with Mimi, after her game, as they were cooking & serving food at Mimi's church's family shelter (they made lasagnas & brownies), and GamerBoy decided to stay home (at his mother's). Squeeks came over Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday, Ace took her to run some errands (one of which was picking up an amp for his new bass guitar), which left me to spend the afternoon giving myself a gel pedicure and watching HGTV for a few hours. I've seen a lot of family's celebrations on FaceBook, and love seeing all the little ones in their cute outfits, hunting eggs on lawns, and eating their chocolate bunnies. So, however YOU spent the weekend, I hope it was a good one.

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