Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Getting Brighter

Dining fixture is UP! That one took a lot longer than the other three... But, it looks fantastic! My ONLY complaint? The light is so centralized on the dining table, that I have to use an extra lamp to be visually comfortable in the "office space" (between the dining area and the living room area). The bulb inside is specialized, too, so I don't think there are many options to make it reach the computer, but that's okay. Again, leave me a comment if you'd like to see a photo!!!

We also got different tubes for the kitchen. The DAYLIGHT DELUXE were just TOO bright (like a blue-white); glaring, really... We replaced them with the same wattage (32W), but a lot lower of a color temp (3000 instead of 5000). The new ones are more of a white w/ a slight pinkish tint. I don't know if I like those, though... perhaps one in between (like the 3500 ones - those are more of a yellowish-white, but more white than yellow?) would be best right now. We'll keep the daylight ones for when we redo the kitchen, though. We may need the brighter light once the walls are grey and the cabinets are a dark cherry or mahogany.

Also, legal update. My attorney took one look at the check and the envelope and told me to VOID it; this is ridiculously childish and yet another pathetic attempt in her mission of war with me (proving, yet again, that this is NOT about Princess; she could give a rat's @$$ about my daughter). He is sending an email to B.D. about this. Even if B.D.'s wife is the one reading & writing the emails from that account, he is still LEGALLY responsible for their content. He is also legally responsible for this payment due, and all others that will occur over the next 8 years or so (provided he maintains his B.D. rights, anyway). Perhaps if his wife has such trouble writing a proper check, she shouldn't be allowed to write them...?

My "favorite" part of the latest letter (demanding I cash the check within 14 days of the due date or they will stop payment and consider the debt paid) is where "he" (remember, we all know SHE writes these emails) says I must not have cashed the check because I am jealous of J**** and angry because the check is written on her account... Really?!? What are you, in junior high?!? If the check was written correctly, I'd have just deposited it, but her childish behaviors have, once again, interfered with her ability to be a grown-up. Not angry; just irritated. And, jealous of what, exactly? Because I'm pretty sure I got the better end of this -- husband who doesn't cheat: check, daughter who adores her PARENTS (that would be Ace & I, she says): check... I could go on and on, but it's not worth it. THEY'RE not worth it.

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  1. Of course you got the better end of the deal. She's mental. Still.