Monday, January 25, 2010

More Updates

So, our little break from updating things around here is officially over. Last week, we put up the new hall light and over-sink light. These are the matching, but different sizes, fixtures. The one in the hall holds two bulbs, and is 16" round. The one over the sink in the kitchen holds only one bulb, and is 13" round. Today, we put up the big kitchen fixture. That took longer to do, but looks really good! I will send photos to you if you're interested; let me know in the comment box. Tomorrow, the dining fixture goes up...

I also wanted to mention something. For the last 5 years or so, since Ace's ex moved to the base of our mountain with his kids, his parenting time almost always ends with him taking them back home (or to school, depending on what day/time of the year it is). And, every time this happens (usually a Monday, but not always), Princess climbs out of her bed, and into his spot in mine. Even though she's 10yo now, I love that she still likes to spend the couple of hours a few times a month snuggling with me.

To clarify, she has never climbed into bed with us on a regular basis; it's always been something we've discouraged, as Ace is her stepdad and I was concerned about B.D. pulling something childish like claiming abuse. When Ace has gone on business trips, though, or took his kids to the coast, she always sleeps with me in my bed.

Since she was about 3, she's had night terrors (they stopped completely, though, about 2 months or so after "the incident" that lost B.D. his parenting time), and the only thing that would calm her is laying next to me. Exceptions to the "no kids in our bed" rule were, of course, made for those times.

Which brings me back to my point: I cherish these snuggle times. She usually pulls the blankets back (leaving the sheet up), grabs my hand, and falls asleep pretty quickly. I've been told she's too old for this, but I think as long as SHE doesn't think she's too old, I'm going to let her do it. She'll be "too old" soon enough.


  1. She will grow up way to fast at some point. Cuddle while you can! :)

  2. She's already getting there... :)