Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Update

Check came TODAY (not yesterday, when it was actually due). Check itself was dated January 19th, and the envelope was date-stamped January 21st (the due date). Rhetorical question: Why did it take 8 days from the day I sent the informational email to even write the check, let alone two more days to put it in an envelope and mail it?

Check was written out, from B.D.'s wife (of course), to "D*** G******-Kuntz" (not, IMHO, by accident -- change the K for a C, and remove the z... she's called me that before - in writing, even), even though the envelope was correctly (if messily) written. Check dollar box says "$32.50" while dollar line CLEARLY says, "thirty-two and ----------- 00/100". (Oh, and she actually took the time to cut out part of HIS name on the address sticker she used and hand-wrote in "r & Mrs" so it read Mr & Mrs G******" - lame.)

I'm not mad, actually; this is yet one more example of her petty, childish, immature behaviors; a large chunk of which contributed to B.D.'s loss of parenting time. She doesn't care about Princess; it's all about her personal war with me. I also think, btw, that it is because of his lack of ability &/or want to stand up to her and regain control over his parenting issues with me that this is even an issue.

Regardless, whether I COULD cash it, or not, is not the point... the check is written in a manner that is against our court order (how sad that we even have to have a court order for something that should be so simple!). So, Monday will include a phone call and an email with a copy of this to my attorney. Our next step is up to him, but I do have a couple of thoughts on the subject... I'll keep you posted!

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