Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Twist...

So, maybe we won't put a new tub in. Maybe we'll just have a large shower; frameless glass (in place wall on the shower head side, swinging glass door on the other side, maybe even a hinged seat inside?).

Pros --
1. We don't really use the bathtub as such; we're shower people. (Also, we're planning on a hot tub when we get to doing the backyard.)
2. We're planning on staying here at least until Princess graduates high school (six and a half more years).
3. Our concept gives us a good space for washing the dogs, too. B is getting a bit on the older side & has a little difficulty jumping into the tub.
4. Financially, it would be a "wash" (no pun intended); no tub cost (which would include the price of moving some of the plumbing if we went with a 32" deep model), but more tile (or whatever flooring we choose for inside; I'm thinking an aggregate-type) and the tub faucet would have to be sealed.
5. Resale for a single or couple who have no children, possibly an older person who could even be confined to a wheelchair.

Cons --
1. Resale for a single or couple who *do* have children.

I honestly can't think of any other cons; since we're planning on staying here for a while, this makes more sense to us. Plus, if the future seller wants a tub, they can pay to have it changed. The rest of the house will have been maintained/upgraded, anyway, so as long as everything passes code, that's a very minor expense.

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