Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank Goodness For Architectural Software...

... and for the fact that my husband knows how to use it.

We've got the majority of the bathroom now figured out. It's nice to use this software to see how things will look; I just wish it had more options for some things. For instance, it has a few vessel sinks (including one very similar to the one we're going to go with), but only a couple options for faucets. It doesn't have partial glass enclosures, either; only full ones.

Minor problems aside, I think we've figured out everything except the lighting. We have an idea of what we want, and where, but I think the better plan is to wait until we talk to the contractors to see what code is before our final choices are made.

Speaking of contractors, when we were at Home Depot yesterday, we ran into Julie (the designer who ran H.D.'s side of things for our kitchen project). Turns out we don't need to use Steve (the chauvinist G.C. who ran our kitchen project); they have two other companies they use for bathroom remodels. She also gave us a suggestion for the tile work we want done, if we don't end up going through them to do the whole thing.

I'll be honest, if Steve isn't in charge, I'm kinda tempted to let H.D. run the whole thing again. There are some pieces/parts we'll have to order from other places (online, Lowe's, etc), but that would make things quite a bit easier if we didn't have to coordinate all the different companies (plus, I wouldn't have to hire a G.C.). They even do (limited) glass partitions! Then again... we *can* do most of the work ourselves.

So, here's the breakdown:
1. Toilet -- white, round, high seat, dual flush, soft close lid.
2. Tub -- white, 60" X 32" X 20" (or so), non-jetted. Haven't finalized design for frameless enclosure/partition (can't do that 'til we decide on which company will do them). Coordinating faucet set with the one for the vanity.
3. Surround -- 12" tiles in a grey/black, sanded finish. Unsure if we should go all the way to the ceiling or leave a 12" gap for circulation...?
4. Cabinetry -- cherry American Woodmark (to match kitchen); one over-the-toilet unit, vanity unit, & linen closet. Soft close doors/drawers.
5. Linen Closet -- same dimensions & options as the one in the kitchen (including slide-out shelves & soft close doors). They *will* open the other direction!
6. Floor -- heated, same tile as the surround.
7. Vanity -- same countertop as the kitchen, basic round vessel sink, old-fashioned-look water pump style faucet (corner counter-mount, since we can't find the style I want in a wall-mount). Similar look to our current unit within, though.
8. Trim -- floor will match the rest of the house, cabinet trim will match cabinets.

Now, besides lighting, did I miss anything? What do you guys think; does this sound doable & nice?

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