Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving On...

It seems GB is finally moving out of his mother's house. According to him (he's called quite a few times over the last couple of months), he can't take it there anymore; his mother "stresses him out too much" (makes me worry about Squeeks even more).

After he got his "you have two days to move out" note from her, he got a job. For now, he's getting minimum wage at a restaurant not too far from her house, but his plan is to either work his way up in the food chain there, or find another job closer to school... which is also closer to his new place.

He started with rooms for rent; knowing that's the easiest way to have a place without having to worry about his lack of credit history (any apartment complex is going to want either a good rental history, at bare minimum, or a co-signer, which we specifically told him we would *not* do). He interviewed a few places, then his mother took a downward turn & he called us...

He decided to just take the one that's best *right now*, and worry about finding "the best situation" after he's settled a bit (provided that one isn't working amymore). So, he's paying just over $400/m, which includes everything: rent, all utilities, as well as cable & high-speed internet in his room. Once he switches over the child support to his own name/bank account, he only has to worry about less than half that cost, plus feeding himself, making sure his truck is maintained & gassed, and getting to & from work & school.

Ace was going to take him shopping "when all the winter sales hit" to get him a new jacket, some jeans, and a few shirts he's needed for a while... but he's so busy, he asked if we could just sent him a Fred Meyer gift card. He also reminded me (not that I needed it) that I promised him a BB&B gift card when he got his own place. I told him I'd send it with his Freddy's card.

Last night was his last night at his mother's; he had homework to finish and didn't want to disrupt his "flow" by finishing moving out. Today, after his last class, he'll be removing the last of his things. I must say: I am so very proud of him. He's come very far in just a short while (heck, it was only seven months ago that we gave his room here to his sister). We knew he'd get there.

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