Monday, January 9, 2012

Get Out Of My Kitchen!

Why is it that when people are dieting, exercising, eating differently, following a new book's eating plan, etc... they try to drag their friends & family into it with them? I get that you're trying to be healthier... but perhaps instead of trying to force your new eating plan on me, perhaps you should see if I'm perfectly content (&, even better, HEALTHY) eating the way I've been eating for years?

For the majority of any given year, it's not such a big deal... but the New Year hits and people have their New Year's Resolutions. I get that. But, please stop trying to make me jump on board with you. I have a doctor; a REAL doctor... one who knows my whole medical history. One who knows how & what I eat. One who keeps track of my weight because I refuse to do so at home. One whom I see between 1 and 3 times every year.

For the record --
1. I am 5' 9", and weigh approximately 160lbs (completely within normal/healthy range).
2. My cholesterol levels (when checked last year about this time) were below the 200 number "everyone" worries about.
3. My blood sugar levels (also checked last year about this time) are also below the *worrisome* number.
4. My blood pressure is, and always has been, WAY below normal... so low, that (a) the docs sometimes joke about me being dead, and (b) my doc has told me flat-out to *not worry* about my salt intake (and has even read more current studies that salt intake isn't the only component, or even most important one, to high BP -- stress is!).
5. I eat 4-6 times per day; and YES, my mocha counts as a meal (stop telling me it doesn't; you're not my doctor).
6. I drink juice with my dinner, as does most of my immediate family.
7. My last meal of most days is usually cereal (hot or cold) or cheese & crackers, with juice.
8. We keep junk food in the house, but we also buy (& eat!) non fat milk, whole wheat bread, low fat yogurt & cottage cheese, 100% juice (not cocktails!), real butter, and tons of fruit & veggies!

I don't need to go vegan, or organic, or soy, or any other crazy crap that some doctor-of-the-month is pushing... I have no desire, nor any actual medical reason, to change how & what I eat. If I did, I'd cut down on my chocolate consumption and take my dogs on a flipping walk. I'd take my kid to the park & kick around the soccer ball with her. I'd start running my stairs at work instead of just walking them. I sure as hell wouldn't be doing ANY of it based on some book that some "doctor" decided to write about it.

So, leave me the eff alone, and get out of my kitchen... and my medical needs.

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