Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Quiet...

After some discussion about a multitude of things, Ace and I decided that our older two children should skip their final summer weekend with us (this coming weekend would have been the last one until after school starts up again).

One of Gamerboy's best friends is having an end-of-summer party this weekend up at the mountain (possibly the only weekend all of his buddies are free), and Squeaks's Girl Scout troop has an informal get-together happening. Since Gamerboy hasn't been able to spend much time with friends this summer (in person, anyway), and Squeaks missed out on her troop's annual camping trip, we figured it was a small concession to give up one weekend.

This weekend also happens to be the weekend that T, D, & C are coming through and swiping the Princess, my mom, and mom's friend (NP). The six of them are headed south for a weekend of good food, family/friend visits, and some culture!

Since we will be kid-free, and Ace has this Saturday off, we plan do get more things done around the house (this home improvement stuff is time-consuming, but SO MUCH FUN - I love owning my own home and finally being able to afford all the upgrades!), and take a day trip on the bike up to the Gorge.

We plan to continue to work our butts off on the upgrades, one project at a time, until they're done or the weather gets too yucky to do anymore (the kitchen will be our "big" one, probably next spring). Photos are posted both on MySpace and on FB. Bring on the power tools & paintbrushes!

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