Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I just thought I'd take a few moments to give you who chose to respond to my first poll (piercings)...

My & Ace's personal beliefs:
EARS -- 1st hole when babies is fine, but definitely a parental choice. 2nd and subsequent holes should be when both the parents and the child agree to do so. For us, the second hole will probably be granted to our youngest for her next birthday, if she so chooses. I had my second hole done at the age of 14, but for no other reason than my family's finances.
NOSE/TONGUE/FACIALs -- We believe once children are 14, they may pierce their nose (although our older two must get their mother to take them & sign the forms, as she is the custodial parent. I'm also pretty sure the boy wouldn't want his nose pierced, but seeing as he's never actually said anything about it, who knows?). If the Princess decides she wants her nose pierced, I will take her at the age of 14, assuming Oregon laws support that decision. However, due to the legal ramifications of other piercings (like the possibility of a potential boss not hiring them because of it), we would prefer they wait until the age of 18 (or later).
BELLY BUTTON -- This is a tough one. Fourteen is OBVIOUSLY (to me, anyway) too young. Belly buttons are not fast healers (I speak from experience), and take much more care than other piercings; I just don't think 14 year olds are mature and responsible enough to take proper care of them. At the age of 14, a child is too young to handle the responsibility (apparently, though, the mother of the 14 yo girl who got me thinking about this subject either foolishly allowed her daughter to get this piercing or found out after the fact and doesn't care -- either of which would account for the daughter's other behavioral issues, btw, but that's another story).
I think this one would be subjective to the child who wants to get it done. Squeaks is too young to handle the care that comes with it, so as far as we're concerned, will not be getting it any time soon (if at all). Princess, however, is more mature than Squeaks was at her age, so we decided that if she wants one, she can do so at the age of 16. And, yes, I would go with her.

Piercings, for the most part, should be a personal choice, but we are parents and as such, we do get to control (or try to) some aspect of our minor children's lives. Tattoos, as well, are an expression of self; a way to tell others who you are. Piercings are not permanent, though, so I am more likely to let my children experiment a little... but not to the point of looking like a hooker or white trash (like some parents I know).

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