Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Or, just the "lights" part of that. Friday, after my BFF's mom did my hair (her shop is in Vancouver), BFF and I went to the best lighting store EVER! GLOBE LIGHTING has almost everything you could ever want. Kristi (the manager) is a crack-up, and a very good client of BFF's mom. Dann is Kristi's sales guy extraordinaire! While BFF & Kristi were busy cackling in the back areas, Dann followed me around with his little pad of paper, writing down all the SKUs of the stuff I liked.

There, we found three of the lights I need, and he took notes on a few others I had my eye on "just in case Ace wants..." (things I'd like to replace, but don't need to be just now). Kristi kicks such @$$ that she gave me a discount 'cuz of how much BFF's mom rocks! I took the printout Dann gave me when we were all done, thanked both him & Kristi, and proceeded to go home. I showed Ace on Saturday (you can look things up by item number on their website), and he liked what I chose... but wanted to see it all in person.

Monday, we decided to take my printout from the Vancouver GLOBE to the Beaverton store. Mike, the manager of the Beaverton one, helped us finalize our decisions. Since Kristi gave me a discount - which Mike honored as well - we weren't out any extra money, Dann got the sales credit, and we didn't have to drive all the way up to the 'Couv to get our lights! Everyone wins!

Since yesterday was Ace's last day off for the week, we took advantage and went to a couple more stores to get the rest of what we need as far as lighting is concerned. In addition to the stuff from GLOBE, we bought: a new main-kitchen fixture, a new set of track lights to go in where we currently have can/recessed lighting, and two matching lanterns for the front yard (with cool security features, btw). Lighting for the bedrooms will come later (probably when we get to painting them). I also already have everything I need to paint our ceiling.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, we plan to rip out the deck & small garden, have our fascia boards redone, remove all the old lighting we're replacing inside, then prep & hopefully paint the main living areas' ceiling, and replace all the lighting with the new stuff. I can't (of course) replace the outdoor lighting until the painters are done next month. We also plan to get something better for our house numbers, but I'm not going to ruin the surprise by telling you what we're going to do.

Everything is coming along nicely...


  1. Good times, are you guys gonna take before & after pictures of the work you're doing?

  2. I do have photos on my Facebook page of the ongoing projects... I know your wife has a FB page; do you?

  3. Nope, no facebook page. That's because I don't want to be in someone's mafia, or go to farmtown, or be poked, or fight vampire wars, or do one of the hundreds of other inane things on Facebook.

  4. Hmmmm, perhaps I should use my PICASA WEB albums for the home stuff... then you (and everyone else) could see it!

  5. Or just email me the pics. I know that's so "1998" but, hey, I'm old school.

  6. Cackling. Yes, indeed, that is what we were doing. LOL