Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Rest of Santamas...

December 25th - After Ace got home from work, we had scalloped potatoes w/ham for dinner, and we opened our gifts to/from each other. My favorite was my custom Ducks jersey. It's black & silver, has my last name on the back, and #22 for my birthday date. Princess said her favorite was all the new clothes, and Ace said it was a tie between his new 'Papa' tee-shirt and the tablet I got for him.

December 26th - Ace worked the whole day and I worked the first half of the day, then Princess & I got our weekly chores done and watched a movie. When Ace got home, we opened our stockings. Princess was the only one with a winning lottery ticket.

December 27th - I watched the Titans game, then we packed up and went south... We met up with our son at Ace's sister's (& her husband's) house in Salem. We visited, gave GB his birthday gifts, opened our Santamas gifts to each other, and had dinner at Chang's (GB's choice). Squeeks was not able to join us; she was so sick, she lost her voice.

Dec 31/Jan 1 - I am no longer a "stay-up-past-midnight" person (because I *am* a "can't-sleep-in-past-7a" person), so we watched "Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve w/Ryan Seacrest", which was live from NYC, starting at 8pm. There were some good musical performances (Princess was amused that I knew most of the words to "her" songs), but at 9p (midnight on the east coast), Ryan and crew did not show the ball dropping (you could hear the crowd counting down in the background, though, so I assume the east coast *did* see it), so I flipped to the live feed on CNN for a few minutes. I then flipped back to ABC, watched a few more performances, and went to bed. Ace made it until a few minutes before midnight (and we were both awakened by the neighborhood fireworks), and I heard Princess go to bed at 1215a. I got my nails redone Jan 1, too.

Jan 3 - I was supposed to have lunch and exchange gifts with my bff, but with the snow/ice/wind all over the metro area, her driving down from Vancouver, & the fact that she doesn't have 4WD, we rescheduled. We were also supposed to meet up with Squeeks at her house in Troutdale, but we decided to reschedule that, as well. We spent the day doing very little... although I did get Princess' nails done.

Jan 4 - Snow/Ice day called at school (and Ace & I don't work Mondays), and I was supposed to have an oil change & tire swap (regular for Winter ones), which I rescheduled, so we took Santamas down, got groceries, and did some general cleaning.

Jan 5 - Icy morning, so 2hr delay at Princess' school; she slept in and I had a quiet morning where I finally got started on a new calendar for my studio. Both my clients rescheduled (they both live in icier/hillier areas than I do), so Ace & I ran a few errands and I got his nails redone.

Jan 7 - After work, I got my car appointment taken care of, then we all went up to Troutdale. Squeeks had the day off work (because she has a longer day at school), so we all went to dinner then exchanged the rest of our gifts at her house. It's been a few months since we'd been able to spend any time with her, so all the catch-up was good. She has her school plan in place, she loves her new car, work is going well, BF is no longer.

Jan 10 - Finally got to have lunch & exchange gifts with my bff. WHEW! Lots of catch-up, but she forgot my presents! She loved hers, though (lots of Hello Kitty stuff and a game she wanted), and will deliver mine to my work next week.

Only 350 days 'til the next Santamas...

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