Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Goals -

As most of you know, I don't do "resolutions"; I make goals! This year's goals in my personal life are as follows:

1. Get our landscaping further along (I don't want to say completed, because we've got a lot of stuff planned).
2. Install an exterior camera system (both around our own home, and if possible, along the shared driveway).
3. Finish all those little projects around the house (like paint touch-up, interior doors need painting, interior doors need new hardware, etc).
4. Revamp Squeaks' room as a game/music space for Ace (provided *her* plan for moving out of her mom's comes to fruition; she can take what she wants and we can redo as we need).
5. Take another family vacation, and possibly take a Parent-only vacation.
6. Buy a new (to me) vehicle. I'll be ready to buy in the fall; the plan is to allow Princess limited/with-rules use of the Honda as soon as she has her driver's license, so I'll need something else for myself before that. I have at least six on the "list"; need to narrow that down.
7. Make more lunch/coffee dates with friends.
8. Delete all unnecessary files/photos from my computer (stuff having to do with my ex, mostly), and reorganize my other files/photos.
9. Add two more tattoos (one in memory of my beloved Belle, whom we lost this past February, and a dragonfly), and do a cover-up on my daughter's name to reflect her new name.
10. Continue to work with Princess on her driving skills... slowly, but surely, she will learn and she will be as safe as we can make her.

Hmm... I thought there would be more, but I just can't think of them... The past year brought one big goal to life - Princess's adoption. What a huge relief to all of us. I really feel that this is where we're supposed to be, and life is pretty good.

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