Sunday, January 4, 2015

Last Round of Santamas

We've spent the last few days deconstructing Santamas, but realized when we went to put it all back up in the attic, that it no longer all fits. I bought a big bin to fit everything that had been loose or in little bins, but apparently, that made it a bit more difficult to get it all up there. So, we decided to get rid of a few things. One of those things was an incomplete set (ok, not even set; more like two partial, but coordinating, sets) of holiday dishes & glassware. My friend, AKA, recently invited me to a Wants/Needs group where everything is free... I didn't want to deal with trying to sell any of it, so I offered it up on there. Within 5 minutes, I had 6 people "Next, please". They were picked up last night.

Santamas morning, I had gotten an email from Amazon, telling me I had a gift from our son; he got me the e-book version of a new Stephen King I haven't read yet. But, no other word came until Saturday, when he couldn't make it down to my in-laws' because he was throwing up. Then, after a week of being so sick, he wasn't even answering emails, he finally made it over to our house. Pretty sure he has walking pneumonia (& hope he follows through with the trip to the doc's he mentioned), but we were able to enjoy a quick late dinner (since we had to wait for Ace to get home from work), gift opening, and visiting.

He gave Princess a Fred Meyer gift card, also gave me a huge bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and gave his dad a bluetooth phone connector for the 4-Runner. We gave him much-needed (and specifically-requested) clothes, a new calendar, misc candy & personal items, and pot/pans. He also got some new books and a lot of gift cards. Princess & I went to bed by 10/1030p, and I heard his truck start up around 130a, so he & Ace must have had a good visit.

I got a bunch of decluttering done at work - had nail polish and a bunch of miscellaneous nail art supplies I didn't need anymore (still have a few things left, but a TON of it was either picked up locally - sold through a couple of local Buy/Sell/Trade groups on FB - or sent to other nail techs - sold through a couple of ProTech groups. I also spent a couple hours reorganizing, taking inventory, and cleaning my studio; I try to do that a few times per year. I need labels and a UV coating for my window (apparently the sun fades my polish remover... lol), but otherwise, I'm done. One thing we usually do before year's end is make one last run to Goodwill or Salvation Army, but that didn't happen this year; too much going on. Hoping to get that done this "weekend" (Ace's & my weekends are Sunday & Monday).

Oh, and as some of you may have noticed by my very excited status & comments on FaceBook on NYD, I watched the Oregon Ducks stomp all over the Florida State Seminoles in the Rose Bowl, 59-20, all while texting with my dad. That was a great game, and a great start to the new Championship Series. I did not watch the other Championship game that day, but I *did* see that Ohio beat #1 ranked Arizona. The National Championship Game will be on January 12th, 530p PST, on ESPN. GO DUCKS! (Yes, I still like the OSU Beavers, too, but they did not make it to the Championships). And, just in case you haven't seen this yet, here's Ohio's coach's reaction to hearing about the Duck's win. CLICK HERE

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