Wednesday, August 27, 2014

At Her Request...

So, I spoke to RP on Monday, and (after she gave me some more information on what her next steps are) she asked that I call C.S. to "temporarily halt" their contempt case against MG. I wasn't sure if they could do that, but called them anyway. The Contempt Case Representative called me back yesterday, & said that she'd check, but since they hadn't filed yet, they probably could. She also said that I can always call them back if he withdraws his consent, and they can just pick up where they left off (they were going to file their case by the end of this week). In the meantime, she also called MB & RP to verify what I told her about the pending adoption and reminded them both they'll need to send a copy of the signed judgments once they're done (the adoption order only stops future child support, so the Satisfaction order MB's drawn up will stop the arrears). The only bad news at the moment? We were apparently at a standstill all this time, waiting for MG's consent to come in. That means that we still need to send in Ace's background check, which can take 4 to 8 weeks, then we have to wait another month or so for a court date. Working in our favor, however, is the fact that Ace has lived in this county for almost 25 years, so his background check should be fairly straightforward, and I've waived my right to a home study as well as to an adoption ceremony, which means RP should be able to get the judge to sign the paperwork sooner.

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