Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Yesterday was the first Mother's Day in a very long time (perhaps ever for me) that I didn't feel I *had* to do anything, nor go anywhere. I had potted flowers sent to both my mother & my smom on Friday (I don't believe in traditional flowers, as they die too fast; waste of money!), worked Saturday (actually, all last week was booked - kaching!) 'til 2p, then Princess & I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening cleaning the house & doing laundry (we like to do this Saturdays, whenever possible, so it doesn't take away from family time on Sundays).

Sunday, I "slept in" until 830a, woke up the Princess (she usually sleeps 'til 10a), and she made my mocha for me. She also made a smaller one for herself, rather than go back to bed. After Ace got up, she made French Toast for brunch, and later, my favorite pot stickers for lunch. I got my nail stuff out because my fingernails were overdue (I always try for every two weeks, but was way too busy this past week, so I was at 19 days yesterday), and Ace asked if there was anything specific I wanted to do; I said, "This." He said, "Okay. What would you like for dinner?" "Um... grilled chicken and roasted red potatoes." He said, "We'll see how the weather does; I don't really want to be grilling in the rain," then let me be.

Later, I heard the ice cream man on the next block over, and said, "Stupid ice cream man... now I want a fudgesicle! OR... one of those cookie sandwiches!", then went back to doing my nails. The whole time I'm sitting at the table, Princess did everything I asked with a smile on her face. I asked for a snack, for more juice, for her to open the window, let the dogs out & back in, flip the one load of laundry I had left from the day before, etc... "Ok, mommy." "Sure, mom." By 2p or so, I was done with my nails, so I decided to watch some HGTV.

About 5p, Ace decided the weather wasn't going to get better, plus realized we didn't have any thawed chicken, so he headed to the store to get a stuffed chicken bacon pizza instead. While he was gone, my sister called; we had a long conversation that took until my pizza was ready. After dinner, Ace showed me what he had planned for dessert: apparently, he had stopped at 7-11 and picked up three of those Nestle chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches! For the record, we don't usually do anything for each other on Mother's/Father's Days; this is not Spouse Appreciation Day (that's what anniversaries are for!).

After dinner, Princess & I watched "America's Funniest Home Videos" and the season finale of "Once Upon A Time", then played cards and a round of Chutes & Ladders before she gave me a foot massage, and went to bed... and I slept very soundly last night.

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