Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This past weekend was the first time Princess has not been with me for Halloween in many years. Since she is doing well in school, we allowed her to skip two days (Friday & Monday) to accompany my mother ("Mimi"), and mom's friend ("Meme") to Washington to spend time with her aunt, uncle, & two little cousins.

Among her highlights: Time with Bug & Firefly, helping Aunt D in the kitchen at an SCA event (her friend, B, also helped), corn maze w/the fam, & trick or treating w/most of the fam & B.

Meanwhile, Ace & I took the dogs & went to the beach. We did a lot of reading, fire- and storm-watching, and listening to music. Being at the beach lowers our blood pressure and it was nice to get away after the craziness of the kitchen remodel & soccer season. This was, technically, our (very) belated anniversary weekend; THAT weekend we were prepping the house for new flooring.

Everyone returned home Monday evening, and after unpacking, we all had a great sleep in our own beds.

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  1. So glad you had a relaxing weekend with your spouse! I don't remember what those are like...