Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Season Done

Last night was the End Of Season party; ending Princess' 5th season of Fall Soccer (for the record, her BD showed for just two games). Judging by the last two weekends of game time, at least half the girls (as well as their parents) were ready for the season to be done two weeks ago.

The season was good; a lot more wins than losses, and even a couple ties (including a tie game with a highly-rated rec team!). There were only a couple of wet/muddy games, although many practices were on the nasty side...

This year was also the first time our team was asked to participate in a tournament; the only one of our city's "rec" league to be asked. The league also included "classic" (for you non-soccer-speaking readers, that means competitive level) city teams and a few from outlaying cities. We won the first game, tied the second (against a classic team, nonetheless), and lost the third.

My Princess never made a goal herself, but she had MANY assists and passes that ended with a goal for our side; Ace & I are SO proud of her. About mid-season, she started telling me she didn't want to play next season. Although disappointed, as long as she does something for regular exercise, that was fine with us. She may not be the best/fastest player, but she's still an asset to the team.

Two weeks ago, an email was sent out to all the players' families stating that the league is trying a Spring option. The commitment is less time and less money, and the players can use their same jerseys from Fall ball to play in the Spring. Princess was adamant about not playing... until we were on our way home from the party last night.

When we got home, I got her signed up. She's still insistent that she won't play in the Fall, but we'll see... In the meantime, we plan to enjoy the holiday season, then January starts her first season of indoor rec basketball!

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