Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend, 2009

For me, "Mother's Day" actually started the Tuesday prior, when the Princess, the husband, and I went to the craft store. They went off in one direction, and I went off in another. I was in search of card-making supplies. I am not what you'd call "crafty" (although I do have an artistic side), but I was watching a morning news program and they had a very simple "recipe" for making cards for mom's day. Since I have two moms, I thought I'd enlist the help of my daughter.
We got home from the store and started working. I have one set of specialty "craft" scissors (in a wave design), and had bought three types of card stock, stick on flowers, and stick on "mom" decorations. Took us most of the afternoon, but we got them done, and I was proud of our work.
Wednesday, she brought me not only a marigold plant, but also a cilantro plant. They are now sitting in our garden window in the kitchen.
On Friday, the Princess brought home a cool placemat she made for me. She drew photos, wrote little things, & colored/decorated a piece of large white construction paper, which her teacher attached to a slightly larger piece of purple paper and laminated. It now sits at my place on my table. Later that afternoon, we picked up mom from the transit station and went to the Princess's school for their "Spring Fiesta", where we had Mexican food and got to hear a live Mariachi band!
Saturday, I worked, then M and my mom replanted my flower box at work! After a quick trip to the Farmer's Market, she had a game. Their team lost by points, but she pitched the second inning, and struck out two players. In our eyes, that makes her a winner. We had a birthday party to attend after that, so by the time we made it home, we were exhausted. We had chili cheese hotdogs and salads for dinner because I was just too dog-tired to cook much. It had been a long day; I was up since 7am and went to bed (early) at 10pm.
Sunday, Mother's Day, I got to sleep in. When I got up, we made my mocha and vegged on the couch 'til the husband got up. I did hardly anything that day; it was my day. Dinner was Spaghetti Factory with some fam -- T, D, and C were in town (surprised mom), so there were seven of us. Good visit (even if C did prefer M's company to anyone else's!). When I got home, M gave me a third gift (one that my husband helped her with -- hence, the craft store trip). She had made me a key chain that says "MOM ROCKS" in beads. I love it!
Every year, I am reminded just how much my daughter loves me. It's not the gifts (although, I do like the thought she puts behind them); it's that I get to watch her grow. I get to see, every step of the way, who she is as a child, and a glimpse of who she'll be as an adult. I have questioned some of the choices others have made in her name. But, I will NEVER question any choice I've made. She is an angel, a blessing, and my not-so-little Princess, and no one can ever take that, or her, away from me.

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