Thursday, April 16, 2009

Muffins with Moms

This morning, my daughter's school hosted a breakfast called "Muffins with Moms". Back in October, there was a "Donuts with Dads" event; of course my daughter wanted her Papa to go with her! He had to get up 2 1/2 hours earlier than he normally does (he works a modified swing shift), but he has a hard time turning her down. This morning, she and I got up a little earlier than normal, got ready for the day, and off we went. According to her, the "Donuts" event only had slightly less people than the "Muffins" event. I even got to chit chat with a couple of the other moms, and enjoy 1/2 a large COSTCO muffin. I was home by 8am, though, as they did have school to start...

I love stuff like this. I don't always have the time to volunteer as often as I used to; my business has picked up again and when you work for yourself, you take it where you can get it. I am lucky, though. My husband runs the Soup Labels & Box Tops for the PTA and goes to every meeting; not to mention all the homework assistance he gives her. My mom volunteers in-class about once a month. I was supposed to be the Field Trip parent, but they've only had one this year and I had to work that day. Oh, well.

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