Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Joys of Softball

I love softball season. For me, it is one of the signs of Spring. This is my daughter's second year playing, and she loves it. Not as much as she loves soccer, but that's ok. Softball is different. You're not on the move all the time, you're waiting for the ball to come to you so you can do something with it, and HOPEFULLY, make a couple runs and get a couple of the girls out. We're lucky in that she's had the same coach (one of her bff's dad) for many years. He coaches both soccer (this fall will be her fourth season) and softball, and I love how his is with the girls; gentle & firm at the same time, and very patient.

Last year was her first year. We realized a bit late in the season that she should have been wearing her glasses under her helmet (when she bat); she probably would have connected with the ball a bit more... This year, I made sure she has a pair in her bat bag for every practice. They're not the newest pair, but they do help. I think I may break down and buy her a pair of "sports goggles" with her prescription (probably next year, before softball season starts).

So, I noticed that, from last year, there's a big improvement in catching the ball (knowing where to hold her gloved hand is a big part of this), but also in throwing the ball. She can throw from home almost all the way to 2nd base without it bouncing! She's also more accurate with her throws. I'm hoping this means she'll have some interest in learning how to pitch, but again, this is a sport for fun, so that will have to be her & her coach's decision.

So far this season, she's made contact with the ball while at bat about 1/2 the time. I think it's just a timing thing more than anything else... After last year's season was over, I told her that if she decided to play again "next year", I would buy a glove for myself (I have NO IDEA what happened to my own glove that I had had since I was a teen...) so that I can help her practice. I did play as a teen; I even have a trophy to prove it (hahaha), but I don't know all the detailed rules for her league (things change and things are added as they get older), so we'll stick to batting practice, pitching practice, and throwing/catching practice.

Right now, she has an art class after school on Wednesdays, softball practice Thursdays & Saturdays, and a science class after school - also Thursdays. So, if her homework & chores are done, most Mondays & Tuesdays are good days to go to the park and work with her; Sundays, too, if her weekend chores are done.


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