Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rant #2 - #5, of 5 -- All At Once

I was going to address these individually, but figured I could make it one blog post, since each thing I have to say is short...

2. Gender Roles

3. Trans Community

4. Weight Issues

5. FaceBook posts

2. Why do we still judge others based on religious beliefs? Why do we try to make laws based on those? Where did our country take a huge wrong turn, and try to put everything discriminatory under the "Religious Freedom" umbrella? Your rights end when they infringe upon others' rights. Period. End of sentence. You want to be a stay at home mom or dad? Cool. You want to wear a dress? Ok. You want to let your kids play with the pink Legos? Whatever. But, the minute you try to tell me *I* need to stay home, wear a dress, and that pink Legos are only for girls is the minute we're going to have a problem.

3. Dear Trans community -- I not only bought five of the "I'll Go With You" buttons; I will *actually* go with you; you just have to ask. Find me in the Portland Oregon area; I'll have the button proudly pinned on my purse. And, I *will* go with you. also, I do nails for living... you are welcome in my salon. Dear transphobic people -- you're not actually "phobic"; that word means "fear of..." Or, maybe you are. Uneducated people are usually fearful of all they don't know. But, more likely, you're just an asshole.

4. Why is "fat shaming" a thing? Why is this like one of the only "societally acceptable" discriminations still deemed ok by the majority of people? Don't sit there and tell me you're "only concerned for their health... or their children..." or whatever. Bullshit. You are being rude, condescending, and judgmental for no other reason that you're a bully. You do it because it makes you feel superior. You're a child in an adult's clothing, and my teenager is a better person than you are. Shame on you!

5. I post things that interest me, articles calling out the racist/discriminatory/anti-woman rhetoric, stuff I did/will do that day, upcoming events, and more. It is MY page to post what I want to on. I have the ability to share, post, comment, "like", or scroll past other people's posts. You, too, have the same ability to share, post, comment, "like", and scroll without commenting. When doing so, please remember that Golden Rule most of us grew up knowing (although, by the looks of some people's posts, they apparently don't *remember* what it means). If you don't agree, scroll on past!

How about this -- STOP JUDGING OTHERS!! Oh, while I'm at it -- I will not only NOT say the Pledge of Allegiance, I won't even stand for it... and neither will my daughter if she doesn't want to. AND YOU CAN'T MAKE US! (Side note - I've made a conscious effort recently to not even "like" posts I deem sexist, even if you are posting it all in jest, or to poke a little fun. I'm going to continue down my path of equality, humanism, and feminism... whether you like it or not.)

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