Thursday, December 17, 2015

Belief Systems

I feel like this needs explaining... First, there's a big difference between "Satanists" (although I identify as an Atheist, my belief system is similar to this) and "Satan Worshippers". Before you go spewing uneducated & incorrect information, please do some research. That said, I have been called many things regarding my *lack of religious beliefs*, mostly by so-called "Christians." I use that term loosely because a lot of you insist that your god is about love, but that is NOT what I, an atheist, receive. I get hate, negativity, anger, "you're wrong!", and much worse. Frankly, I'm surprised my house &/or car haven't been vandalized, as that seems to be a common thing among some "Christians", too... (This story out of California, and this one in Texas), as well as theft (this story out of Wisconsin). These incidents, & your support of them (whether by reposting the stories on your own social media with positive comments or by completely ignoring them), makes me question you. If you are so firm in your beliefs, why are you so against other people having ones different than yours? It seems to me that the more you protest against others, the weaker your beliefs actually are.

Then, there are those who don't understand the law, why we have the Constitution, and that whole (pesky, it seems, for some "Christians") separation of Church & State thing... Yes, your child has the right to pray -- in school, in church, at the grocery store, etc. He does NOT have the right to disrupt others by doing so. Teachers (in public school, anyway), coaches, etc do NOT; not because they are being persecuted (please stop using that word; it does not mean what you think it does), but because in doing so, while within their official position of "educator", they can be seen as proselytizing, which is against the law (as well as the Establishment Clause of the Constitution). Traditional nativity scenes are fine in front of churches... they are NOT fine in front of government buildings such as schools and courthouses. And, asking for them to either be removed from public/government buildings/lawns completely or moved to a private location is not (once again) persecution, it's upholding the Establishment Clause. Some "Christians" are up in arms about the Freedom From Religion Foundation's actions... please remember that this is a LEGAL ENTITY. They do not act until & unless there is a complaint.

Which brings me to this lovely time of year -- We call it SANTAMAS! I see a lot of "Jesus is the reason for the season!", "Keep Christ In Christmas!", " and more pro-Christian only messages... Oh, what? You say they're not pro-Christian only? Um... hello? Can you read? EVERY ONE OF THESE sentiments leave out EVERY OTHER FAITH & non-believers. The fact is that there have historically been over 4000 gods/dieties that people have worshipped over the years, all Christian traditions were stolen from other religions &/or seasonal traditions (plus the straight-up lie about your Jesus' birth date...)! If you're interested and want to be educated, look up Yule, Solstice, Saturnalia, Kwanza, Hanakkah, Diwali, and all the other holidays celebrated by other faiths; here & around the world. Look up Humanist, while you're at it... that's me -- Secular Humanist. While you & your Christian family & friends are fighting a non-existent "war on Christmas", the rest of us just want to enjoy our families, friends, gift givings, tree & house decoration, baking, and all the other fun traditions of the winter season. So, back off, and stop pushing YOUR faith down OUR throats.

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