Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ahhhh... Karma... I Love You

Princess almost had a run-in with the Wildebeest yesterday. It was bound to happen; we do live within the same suburban area. She & her two youngest children just happened to walk in to Taco Bell while Princess was inside getting her dinner (before babysitting). I was waiting in the car & saw L (I *think* she's 6y, maybe 7y)... then M (10y?)... then Wildebeest herself. Princess saw them, put her hood up & turned so she was less visible, & texted me from inside "J***a just walked in... :'( ". I asked if she needed me to come in; she said no, that she was ok for now, & didn't think they'd seen her.
As soon as she got her food, though (because the TB staff said her name when her order was ready, and she used her full, real name), she's pretty sure J noticed her, but she slipped out the side door. She texted me from BF's 1/2 hr later, & said "From now on, we use the drive through or we go in together". Poor thing; my own heart was racing as soon as I saw Wildebeest, so I can only imagine the stress *Princess* felt. She handled it, well, though, & I'm very proud of her. When she returned from her babysitting job, we had a chat about how to handle it if she runs into/sees J, MG, or any of MG's family.
**Just a quick note for you, Wildebeest, and any other ex-family of my daughter. In the future, if you *do* see her, it's best to just leave her alone, ignore her, walk away. If you approach her, be prepared for a tongue-lashing, at the very least. DO NOT touch her, either; if you attempt to do so (whether I'm with her or not), she may inflict pain on you in her efforts to protect herself and get away from you.**

Now, for the KARMA part -- Seems the Wildebeest is at it again... Posting things about their wedding anniversary when she's fully aware that not only are they not together, but it is highly unlikely they are ever getting back together. I don't know if anyone else who read it picked up on it, but she didn't say that they are CELEBRATING their anniversary, only notes that it IS their anniversary, what "real love" is, and what marriage takes (as well as some crap about how they've been in love with each other for 15 years -- do any of her "friends" know how to math? Have any of them put two & two together to realize that she was his mistress for a while before we officially split? Or do they all still buy her lies, even after all these years?). Makes me laugh; her public persona is so totally 180` from who she is in real life...
I know she posts that stuff publicly to give *me* the impression they're still together & happy (as if I should care?), but since I know the truth, all she's doing is deceiving her friends (& some extended family who obviously aren't in the loop). Anyway, I know that MG has a girlfriend whom he practically lives with, and that J (& the girls; I think they live with her most of the time) will soon be homeless if she doesn't find a new place soon. I'd feel sorry for her if I didn't find it so amusing in a "Karma really is a bitch" sort of way... It's really too bad that she can't be honest about her situation with herself & friends. Good friends & family are important to getting through some really hard stuff, including splitting with your spouse. I know; mine were a lifeline when MG & I split.
Regardless, I hope she's not a vindictive bitch as they go through this (no divorce papers, yet, but it's coming...). She could take his truck, and try all her tricks to get custody and child support. But, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that is exactly what she did. Playing the victim seems to be her forte.

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