Friday, February 6, 2015

This... This, Right Here

The headline reads "Godless Parents Are Doing A Better Job"... so, of course I had to read it.
While I am not a fan of the name calling (calling you a "bible thumper" is the same thing as you calling me a "heathen", btw), the man has many good points. All in all, the article is spot-on. I don't know why some Christians think they're better than we are... All you have to do is talk to our kids, and you'll see they're loving, smart, empathetic, and probably a lot less judgmental than a large chunk of the Christian sect. What's also funny/interesting to me is this (imo) ill-percieved notion of persecution. We atheists aren't persecuting you, we are simply asking for the same respect from you that you've demanded from EVERYONE. We don't appreciate being told we're "going to hell", or we're wrong (because you know your god is the only one?!?! no), or you're praying for us... If you honestly feel that way, that's fine (we don't really care); just keep it to yourself and stop trying to change us.

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