Monday, September 2, 2013

Life Update

Yesterday marked six weeks since our motorcycle accident. Since I last blogged about it, Ace had surgery on his ankle. He had interior & exterior stitches, and was wearing a splint. He now has a metal plate & five screws permanently attached to his ankle bone. He was in a lot of pain for about a week. At the two week mark, we went back for his follow up, when they removed the outer stitches, and told him he could now get it wet. He was also put back into the boot, which he will wear at least until his next follow up (mid-September). At that point, we're hoping for a brace, which will mean he can start to put weight on it.

My own healing is going well. I went back for my follow up at the four week mark. At that point, the only pain I was in was my lung & my right arm. Doc said the bruised lung can take up to three months to completely heal. I actually was pain-free there for three days in a row, forgot about it, tried to lift myself off the floor without being careful, and tweaked it again. That made life interesting for another couple days... My arm is another story. All the bruising is gone, but it can take up to a year to know if I'll get feeling back. Doc thinks the twinges & pinching I've been feeling under the skin is a good sign; she thinks that means the nerves are repairing. I guess time will tell, but for now, it feels weird having a numb spot there.

The "bad" news is that Ace won't be accompanying Princess & I to my sister's wedding at the end of October; his release back to work date is the same day we leave. We're also super-bummed that half our summer (the half we had planned on utilizing for camping, motorcycling, minor home fix-its, etc) got taken up, instead, by healing. The "good" news, though, is three-fold: (1) He can remove the boot a few times per day to do his at-home physical therapy, (2) The bike came home all fixed last week, and (3) We're planning on a bigger family road trip/camping next summer.

Tomorrow is the unofficial first day of school for Princess (her official first day is Wednesday, but she has a half-day tomorrow to welcome 7th graders). She's not only "big man on campus" -- being an 8th grader now -- and in a leadership role, but she's also a member of the Varsity Youth Cheer squad. She made honor roll both terms last year, and has plans to do so again this year. She's smart, kind, and beautiful; inside & out... and I am very proud of the young lady she's become.

Work has been busier than normal. I've worked close to 40hrs every week, starting two weeks after the accident. Add to that the fact that I am the only one who can drive -- Princess's activities, camps, visits, trips to the mall, etc... Ace's doctor appointments & some trips to the grocery store... my own work, other trips to the grocery store, other errands, etc. -- and you get some sort of idea of the crazy-busyness around here.

Oh, yeah; forgot to mention -- We've decided to sue the woman responsible for the accident. No idea what will come of it, nor how much, but at the very LEAST, Ace has a valid claim for income loss, and we both have Pain & Suffering. We'd like to have the insurance company reimbursed as well, but nothing is guaranteed.

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