Friday, January 25, 2013

Bathroom Remodel... revamp

After taking a break from the madness that is the holiday season, we went back to Angie's List, determined to find a contractor with good ratings who had the time & want to take on some of the finish work for our bathroom remodel. We found one; his name is Ron. He does a LOT of small construction jobs, has done many bathrooms (& kitchens, for that matter), and is currently booking "about two weeks out". Perfect.
Last week, Tuesday, we had him at the house to give us a bid. All we really need him for is: finish drywall, tape, mud, & spray texture (we'll paint), frame out for one of the grab bars (we already did it for the other one), lay tile/grout in the pattern Ace & I came up with (which we changed over this past weekend, so it may be a bit more than originally quoted, but that's okay), install both grab bars, and lay the flooring. We'll provide all materials except the drywall tape/mud/texture. He emailed his bid to us yesterday morning, and Ace is supposed to send him our pattern change for an updated bid on that.
We already have a plumber, who will return to finish when we're ready, and we picked out our counter top (from Precision), but that can't be ordered until the vanity is installed. So the only other things we need to do are: contact Home Depot to schedule their kitchen/bath company (the same ones we used for our kitchen remodel) to install the four cabinets, and (the very last thing, when every other part of the bathroom is done, I think) figure out who/how we're doing the frameless glass shower door(s?).
Oh, and actually sign a contract/hire Ron!

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