Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fluff Post

For the last few months, our DVR has been somewhere in the 85-100% full range. We have (I'm not joking) 17 episodes of Fringe on there, plus I have it set to record new programming on CBS for an hour on Mondays (in case I'm working late), all new Jeopardy episodes (sometimes I'm working, sometimes I'm otherwise occupied), & Grey's Anatomy (although I usually end up canceling the recording, 'cuz I just watch it). But, Princess likes to record her new shows on NICK on Friday nights when she's not home, and every summer, she gets into America's Got Talent but her bedtime is before it's over, so we let her record the last half of it. I would be all caught up on Fringe if it wasn't for Ace. He loves this show & watches with me, so I have to wait 'til he has time & want to sit down to watch it with me. Currently, my t.v. viewing is down to this: Sunday -- Once Upon A Time (season's over) & Desperate Housewives (series is now over), Monday -- Big Bang Theory (season's over) and Two Broke Girls (season's over), Tuesday -- Last Man Standing (Princess loves this show; she's turned into a huge Tim Allen fan), Wednesday -- Suburgatory, Modern Family, and sometimes Don't Trust the B., Thursday -- How I Met Your Mother (series now ended), and Grey's, Friday -- Fringe (always DVR'd), and Saturday -- Suze Orman. I just find it funny/interesting that I watch so little t.v., yet can't even find/make time to keep up on some of it. I'd hope that with summer coming, we can get caught up on Fringe and clear out the DVR for A.G.T.; we'll see. There is that bathroom remodel we're about to start, as well as a smaller job going on at my studio sometime this summer...

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