Friday, June 10, 2011

"Guaranteed", my patootie!

Seven months ago, Ace & I bought our new fancy smartphones. We had the OMNIAs previously and upgraded to the DROID X. Silicon cases had never been a good idea for us; we're rough on our phones. So we opted for the hard cases made by Body Glove. We spent a little more on them, buying from Verizon instead of online, because we were told they were "guaranteed; we'll replace them free if they break".

Fast forward to last Tuesday. My case had basically fallen apart. The two parts were no longer snapping closed and the rubber outer part was peeling away from the plastic. So, among our errands for that day, we stopped at the Verizon store in our area (the same store where we bought our phones).

When I asked about replacing the case, the customer rep said, "Yes, of course. We don't carry them in stock anymore, now that the Droid 2s are out, but let me see what I can find." He proceeded to look it up on his computer to see if other stores have one. One showed up in the Klamath Falls store, but when he called, it turned out to be a computer glitch. So, then I asked about another kind of case; I'd even take a silicon one until I can replace it. Nope; not even silicon.

I will give the man credit; he was appropriately sympathetic and really tried to find me a replacement (checked stores in Washington, Oregon, & Idaho), but what he DIDN'T do is offer me a discount on my next month's service, or reimburse me the cost of replacing it online, or have me talk to the manager to see if HE/SHE could do anything... something to satisfy my need of a new case.

So, I am waiting to hear back from a "make offer" on EBay... but I'm greatly disappointed in Verizon right now.

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