Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

Basketball's End of Season party (last Saturday) marked the end of winter (even if the weather doesn't agree). Princess had fun, but decided she prefers dance. Her team lost more games than they won, but there was a noticeable increase in all the girls' skills from start of season to end of season. Her coach is moving, as well, so she'll not be playing again next year.

During this past "winter term", Princess also was asked (by her school's music teacher) to join "Superband" -- playing the snare drum, of all things. They meet twice a week at the school (one day before, and one day after), and the instruments stay at school. Here's the best news: her teacher wrote a grant last year, and with the funds, bought a TON of instruments; he also donates his time to teach these kids (a grand total - in all three bands he runs -- of over 80 students!). Last Thursday night, they had their first concert (at a different local grade school).

This spring, instead of softball (which she's played two seasons), Princess decided to join some of her fall teammates for Spring Soccer. League rules state we have one practice per week.... however, we parents decided two is better. Besides, originally, the league had us practicing in another town (only 15 minutes or so from me, but some of the parents would have had to drive at least twice that; after work), and now (with the approval of a nearby church), practice is only 5 minutes from our house! Games start in April... and, per usual, I get to coordinate snacks.

We are also starting the bathroom remodel plans... so far, we've decided on an on-demand water heater for the whole house (replacing the full-size one we currently have), solar tubes over the shower/tub along with a fan/light combo on a timer (we currently have a fan, but it's over the toilet, and the only light for the whole bathroom are the four standards over the vanity), additional lighting, a new vanity with a countertop that matches the ones in the kitchen, a vessel sink, a new faucet, and some combo of greys as the main color (to coordinate with the rest of the house). We went out to a local tile place (one of the biggest selections of tile, flooring, etc) to narrow our choices, but if anything, it made the decisions harder... too many we like!

Last, but not least, our summer plans are coming along nicely... So far, Princess has two camps and her annual trip with Mimi scheduled, plus a family reunion trip with me, and Squeeks has summer camp lined up, with a plan for driver's training & possibly a job. GamerBoy is getting down to crunch time; trying to figure out his college plans (getting finances in order, finishing his senior project, and making the final decision as to which college he'll actually attend - multiple acceptance letters do not make that choice easy for him). Both older kids have some major changes coming up, as well, but until those are finalized, I don't want to share details here (sorry, stalker; you'll just have to wait).

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