Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Every T-day, I write down &/or say out loud what I'm thankful for. Some years, it's been difficult to come up with anything. Some years, I had a LOT to be thankful for. This year, I have a list:
1. My friends, old & new (no, Manny; I'm not calling you old!).
2. My animals; two of which have health issues, but they're still here.
3. My home; paid off two years ago, and slowly being upgraded.
4. My career & the flexibility it gives me for home life.
5. My clients; two of which this year had to deal with some very serious health issues themselves... and have come out on top.
6. My SKs. These two try my patience quite a bit, but I love them, and cannot wait to see them finally grow into adulthood.
7. My husband. We've been through some crap, I'll tell you. But, he's my rock, and he works very hard to make sure we're well taken care of. He's working today, even, because working today gives him Christmas off.
8. My daughter. In her 10 years of life (so far), she's had some terrible things happen to her; things no one should ever have to go through. In spite of everything, she is happy, healthy, and very loved; and she knows it.
9. Food on my table. There are a lot of people who go hungry. I am not one of them.
10. My health, and that of those around me.
11. My beautiful & so smart niece, C. She amazes me, more each time I spend time with her.
12. The rest of my family -- "adopted", married-in, &/or birthed. MWAH!

Now, eat, drink, and love on your family and friends!

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